Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician

Brief Job Description

The individual at work is responsible for rectifying faults in the mobilephone brought in by the customer. The individual receives the faulty mobile phone, diagnoses the problems, performs front end or hardware level repair as required, resolves software issues and ensures effective functioning before delivering back to customer.

Personal Attributes

The job requires the individual to have: attention to details, patience, ability to listen, steady hands, logical thinking and customer orientation. The individual must work on desk with different types of equipment.

QP Code : ELE/Q8104

Sector : Electronics

Occupation : After Sales Support

NSQF Level : 4

Technical Or Non Technical : Technical

NOS Field :

1. ELE/N8106 Interact with customer and perform front end repair

2. ELE/N8107 Repair and rectify the faults in mobile phone

3. ELE/N9951 Interact with other employees

4. ELE/N9910 Maintain safe and secure work environment

Offering : Qualification Pack