Field Technician UPS and Inverter

Brief Job Description

The individual at work installs the newly purchased UPS or inverter and also interacts with customers to diagnose problems in them, assesses possible causes, rectifies faults or replaces faulty modules or recommends factory repairs for bigger faults.

Personal Attributes

The individual must be willing to work in the field and travel through the day from one customer’s premise to another. Punctuality, amenable behavior, patience, good interpersonal relationship building, trustworthiness, integrity, and critical thinking are important attributes for this job. The person is also required to be capable of lifting heavy objects.

QP Code : ELE/Q7201

Sector : Electronics

Occupation : Manufacturing

NSQF Level : 4

Technical Or Non Technical : Technical

NOS Field :

1. ELE/N0061 Understand requirement of customer  

2. ELE/N7201 Install the UPS/ Inverter 

3. ELE/N7202 Repair dysfunctional UPS/ Inverter 

4. ELE/N9962 Interact with co-workers

Offering : Qualification Pack