User,Candidate and Trainer can download the manuals from the help desk home page section. There is all information is there with details to how to use the ESSCI LMS.

LMS is a web application specifically designed to provide a platform to train students, professionals for advanced skills and certify individuals. Trainers, who would have access to LMS, would guide enrolled students, professionals on a specific skill. LMS is designed to facilitate training programs from education group ranging between [Class 6 - Professionals], where the individual has to register on LMS, appear for pre-Assessment based on this a participant / trainer/ other user would be allowed to select a course/training.

1. User and Role Access:

·         Super Admin

·         Admin

·         Corporate Admin (Knowledge Partner- KP)

·         Corporate Trainer

·         Candidate

·         Trainers/ Assessors

·         Subject Metter Expert

 2. Content:    

·         Topic wise Form

·         Description File

·         Model Curriculum

·         Trainer Manual

·         Tool List

·         PPT

·         Participation Handbook (PH)

·         Specific

·         E-Learning

·         Classroom Training

·         Blogs

  • They keep all your eLearning materials in one place.
  •  You can use it to track the progress and performance of your learners.
  • They are easily updated with the latest in learning trends.
  •  Save on hiring an expensive trainer and buying textbooks.
  • Learners can sift through the learning they need, when they needed.
  • It allows you to easily update industry compliance and regulations.
  • WIth clubs and a social feed, it promotes social learning.
  • It promotes different learning formats like video, PDF, infographics etc.